Monday, January 11, 2010


Many frustrated thoughts going through my head, but emotional state still too fragile to write.  The prevailing question: how does the #2 offense in the NFL give up 500+ yards of total offense, 51 points, and only force one punt.  Ridiculous.  More to come once I regain my composure.


  1. You don't win playoff games if:

    1. You lose the turnover margin.
    2. You have more penalty yards than your opponent.
    3. Your QB misses a wide open receiver down the middle in OT for a sure TD.
    4. Your QB refuses to get rid of the ball and he fumbles away a touchdown in OT.

  2. I vote that you should allow me to buzz your hair now that this season is over. High & Tight!

  3. Trigg, what do you think about the free agents that are coming up in GB? Collins, Clifton, Pickett, Tauscher, etc.