Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Is Time.

There were many spectacular moments in the Packers' Super Bowl victory, but one of my favorites wasn't discovered until I watched the replay of the game, complete with sideline cameras and microphones, on NFL Network.  It was linebacker coach Kevin Greene telling Clay Matthews, "It is time... It is time!"  On the next series, Matthews applied the hit that forced the fumble that probably won the game.  Spectacular.

NFL owners and players would be well advised to heed these words: IT IS TIME!  The ridiculousness of this lock-out has lasted long enough.  We are at the deadline.  If the two sides don't ratify this new agreement this week, missing games is a near certainty.  There's no more time for negotiation.  There's no more time for posturing in the media.  It is time to finally do what they should have done months ago -- get a new collective bargaining agreement and get on with football.  Damn it.

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  1. PS -- It's also time for TriggPack to start blogging again.