Saturday, October 15, 2011

Packers Express Concerns over "Throwback" Uniforms

Packers Brad Jones and Jordy Nelson... looking ridiculous.
Green Bay Packers players and coaches expressed concerns going into Sunday's match-up against the winless St. Louis Rams.  The furrowed brows around the locker room after Friday's practice had nothing to do with the game plan, player assignments or injury report, instead it was dismay over having to again wear their "historic third jerseys."

"I look freakin' ridiculous in this thing," said offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga, who hopes to return from injury this week.  As he pulled on his dirt-brown helmet, a nearby Packers' PR person explained it was designed to look like leather.  "It looks more like a turd," Bulaga quipped.

"The jersey is kinda cool, I guess," remarked wide receiver Jordy Nelson, "But khaki pants?  I feel like I'm wearing Dockers.  I'm going to the gridiron, not casual Friday in an office park."

Players weren't the only ones expressing concern.  "We had a great week of practice getting the young guys ready to step up," observed offensive line coach James Campen.  "Then we got back to find these things hanging up in our lockers.  It just really breaks your concentration.  I don't know how my guys are supposed to stay focused on their assignments when it looks like they were dressed by their mamas."

Seeking a bright side, some players felt the uniforms could provide an edge on Sunday.  "I ran a cut-back at practice today and B.J. [Raji] just fell to the turf laughing," said Packers running back James Starks.  "These jerseys provide a distraction that will give us an advantage.  Just look at the touchdown run Double D was able to break last year -- the 49ers couldn't tackle him because they were laughing so hard."

Driver himself wasn't so sure.  "I'm not sure I can step out of the locker room wearing this thing again.  It was humiliating last year," said the veteran receiver.  "If anything can make us lose to an 0-4 team, it's looking ridiculous."


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  4. Wow -- lots of hits on this post. Just to be clear: this is satirical. All the quotes are a joke. I'm sure the Packers and their coaches love the throwback uniforms as much as I do.