Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thompson continues rebuilding of 2005 Packers with signing of Green

Following on the Mark Tauscher signing last week, Ted Thompson continued his effort to rebuild the 2005 Packers with the signing of Ahman Green today.

"I think Mike [Sherman] was really under-rated," said Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.  "True, we finished 4-12 that year, but I really liked the way Mike paced the sidelines in futility.  I want to get a little of that 2005 mojo."

McCarthy ended the press conference by asking if anyone had phone numbers for Bubba Franks and Samkon Gado.


  1. I would rather they find the phone numbers of Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren.

    Remember the days of getting Reggie White and some strong armed QB from Atlanta. Those were real deals now we have an administration that thinks players that have been passed by every team for nine months are solutions.

  2. What about KGB? Where the hell has he been? Get him in and that Justin Harrell out.