Friday, April 29, 2011

Sherrod a Great Pick for Packers in First Round

Latest Packer Derek Sherrod at the Combine.
I like the selection of Derek Sherrod from Mississippi State with the Packer's first round selection.  As I mentioned before the draft, I feel like offensive line is the area of greatest need for the Packers.  I'm not sure Sherrod was a "steal" at the #32 pick -- that's about where he was projected to go in most mock drafts.  But all the guys I've seen ranked higher, like Carimi, Solder and Pouncy, were already off the board.

Sherrod may fit better with the Packers anyway.  I'm glad they selected a tackle rather than a guard.  Think there's more talent among tackles in this draft, and, though he played left tackle at Mississippi State, Sherrod seems to have the flexibility to move into the left guard position (if Colledge is gone) or go to right tackle (if they switch Bulaga to the left side).

I never saw him play in college, but some of his strengths are reportedly his quick feet, fast and powerful first move, and long arms.  That should make him well-suited for the pulls, traps, and screens the Packers like to run.  He also showed a little bit of a playful attitude in some of his promo reels.  Seems to have a little of that love-of-the-game self-confidence that is reminiscent of B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews.  The Packers always do a good job of drafting attitude not just ability.

Overall, this seems like a solid pick by Thompson and company.  The only position that you could argue was an equal need for the Packers was defensive line, but that crop was pretty picked over by the time Green Bay was on the clock.  Twelve defensive linemen were selected in the first round, and no one was left that the Packers couldn't pass up on that side.  The value was greater at offensive line at that point, and it was too early, in my estimation, to take an OLB -- their other area of need.  I'd definitely like to see the Packers go defense with their second pick.  Looking forward to the rest of the draft.

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