Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Could Marshawn Lynch Be Our Answer?

So the blogosphere speculation is rapidly heating up about the Packers potentially trading for Buffalo running back Marshawn Lynch.  It's a very interesting possibility for several reasons.

First, the Bills have already expressed a desire to trade him.  He was a hold-out at camp this year, disgruntled over the fact the Bills selected C.J. Spiller in the first round and the back-up role went to Fred Jackson.  His off-the-field problems have been a headache and he clearly doesn't click with the coaching staff.  There was speculation they may move him before the season started, and Green Bay was mentioned as a possibility even before Grant's injury.  There's no reason for the Bills to have so much depth at RB when they have so many holes to fill elsewhere.

Second, Lynch knows Aaron Rodgers from their Cal days.  So if any person and organization can turn the guy's career around, it's Rodgers and Green Bay.  A rapid fail as Lynch experienced in Buffalo is both humbling, but also motivating.  You often see guys come back from an experience like that with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove on the field.

Third, he's clearly a talented guy.  He was a serious stud in college -- many considered him a Heisman candidate.  In his first season or two in Buffalo, it seemed he would have the same success in the pros.  His off-field problems and overall attitude have been the bigger deterrents to his success, not a lack of talent.  In the right situation, he could quickly re-emerge as a dominant player.

I have no idea what the Bills would want in return.  Trading him for a future draft pick would be ideal, but the Bills likely want someone who can help them now.  The intriguing wrinkle to all this is that the Packers play the Bills this Sunday.  It would be quite a kick if he came onto the field in green and gold!  If nothing else, it's a convenient chance for the two clubs to talk trade in person.  I personally would love to see this move.

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