Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grant and Herrell Both Out for Season

Injuries are part of the game, but, as we were reminded last year when Al Harris went down, it's always a bummer to suffer them at positions where we lack depth.  Unfortunately, that happened twice on Sunday with Ryan Grant and Justin Herrell going down -- key losses at the running back and defensive line positions where we are already thin, not only in terms of talent but in actual headcount on the roster.

First, running back.  It was not a good feeling to see Grant leave the game after a nasty ankle twist and return to the field with a boot on it.  McCarthy confirmed yesterday that the injury was “significant” and may have included ligament damage.  They will be conducting "further tests" to determine the extent of the damage.  I hate to sound pessimistic, but that all sounds like code for a potentially season-ending injury.  "Further tests" typically means an MRI to determine if the ligament damage is bad enough to require surgery.  And, in fact, Jay Glazer from Fox Sports is tweeting this morning that Grant is done for the season.  Brandon Jackson will have to step up, but I also think the Packers need to get another legitimate running back on the roster.  John Kuhn will now shift to back-up at halfback, but we need more depth here if nothing else.

Second, defensive line.  Justin Herrell is gone for the season with a torn ACL, an injury he suffered during a field goal attempt of all things.  It's time to accept that the guy has been a complete bust since the Packers selected him with their top pick in the 2007 draft.  One could easily have speculated Herrell would suffer from the injury bug as a pro.  He missed significant portions of his college career due to various injuries, including a torn biceps, broken ankle, leg surgery and back problems.  As a Packer, he has only played 13 games in four seasons, he missed all of last year, and now he's done for this year as well -- probably done for his career.  With Jolly out for the season on suspension and Mike Neal as a rookie struggling with injuries himself, the lack of depth on the defensive line is concerning.  The only silver lining of this injury could be Thompson finally becoming willing to give up on the guy and pick up a free agent.  Not sure who this would be.  Albert Haynesworth is disgruntled, but also out of shape and doesn't want to play in a 3-4.  Leonard Little is also a free-agent, but he's a little long in the tooth.

Bottom line, I hope Thompson and the personnel team in Green Bay is furiously working the phones and combing the practice squads of other teams because we need players.

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