Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tramon Williams Gets $33M Contract Extension

The Packers announced that Tramon Williams received a well-earned $33-million, 4-year contract extension today.  Credit to the organization for locking him up now before he becomes a Pro-Bowler, as I suspect he will at the end of this season.  We fans have leveled a lot of criticism pointed at Thompson & Co. for deals they did not make this year, particularly the failure to trade for a stronger running back.  But this was a well-executed deal, made possible by the fact they cut Harris.  And it should be money well spent.  Williams will be the the 14th-highest paid corner in the league, which could be a steal in a year or two if he's still performing at the same level.

Speaking of exceptional young DBs, I continue to be totally impressed by Charlie Peprah.  That guy is improving by leaps and bounds every week.  He led the team in tackles Sunday against Atlanta, and had at least 3 touchdown-saving tackles and/or pass defenses that I saw.  He seems to be just as physical as Atari Bigby was a couple years ago, but more fundamentally sound -- much more disciplined about being in the right place than Bigby was (or even Collins, for that matter, who made a terrible mistake crashing the end on that 4th and goal from the one Sunday).  It's all the more impressive that Peprah has stepped up and improved so much when the Packers needed him most.  Looks like he's earned the starting spot now, and deservedly so.  Those four guys make a pretty stalwart defensive secondary.

One last note: Such a bummer that Brandon Chillar is now on IR as well.  Further depletion of our linebacker corps.

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