Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trade Deadline Has Passed

Well... the NFL trade deadline was yesterday, and, as most Packer fans probably expected, Thompson made no moves to acquire a running back.  This analysis (shared by a TriggPack reader) does a pretty good job diagnosing why Ted didn't make a deal for Marshawn Lynch -- as well as why not doing so was a huge mistake.  I continue to believe that we would be at least a win or two better right now if we had a viable running game.

The only trade that did happen before the deadline was for safety Anthony Smith, acquired from Jacksonville for a conditional draft choice.  Obviously, safety is an area of need as well with Morgan Burnett and Derrick Martin both done for the season.  Charlie Peprah is serviceable, but we're getting mauled by big-body receivers and tight ends lately, which I attribute in part to weak safety play.  Not sure what this deal says about Atari Bigby's status.  Could indicate he's still not totally healthy, or that the coaching staff isn't totally confident in him even if he is healthy.  Bigby practiced today (so did Al Harris) and both could theoretically return to action this week.  Getting these guys back to full-strength will be huge.

Mark Tauscher also practiced and should be back for the Vikings game.  Bulaga got pretty victimized on Sunday.  It was a little surprising they didn't give him any help against the Dolphins' Cameron Wake, who had 3 sacks on the day.  I'm not sure Tauscher would have done much better, but having him back should help.  Sounds like Clay Matthews will also play, which is essential if we're to get any pressure on the quarterback.  If we let Favre have the time we gave Henne, he'll carve us apart.

I'm nervous about this game.  It will be a huge momentum boost if we win, and a significant setback if we lose.  Maybe I can start writing about the San Francisco Giants as well.

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