Monday, February 7, 2011

Brett Keisel’s Beard Reveals it’s a Packers Fan

Brett Keisel's beard during its post-game press conference.

Grizzly Adams phoned, and he wants his beard back.  In the aftermath of the Packers 4th Super Bowl championship Sunday, Brett Keisel’s Beard revealed it was actually rooting for the Packers all along.  The Steelers defensive end was outraged when his beard admitted the news during its own post-game press conference.

“I’ve been living a lie,” said Keisel’s Beard.  “My true loyalties have always been to the Packers, and I don’t care what the consequences are.”  The last statement a thinly veiled challenge to Keisel’s threat to the Beard, “don’t make me get out my razor!”

Public support of the Beard has been outpouring since admitting its true loyalties, with popularity on its Facebook fan page skyrocketing.  Other NFL beards also came to the defense.  “It took a lot of courage to do what Keisel’s Beard did today,” said Packers guard Josh Sitton’s Beard.  “I think his Beard felt taken for granted at times this season.”

Keisel was quoted during Super Bowl media day as saying, “The beard — the beard is why we’re here.  It’s unleashed Super Bowl powers on our whole team and hopefully it can win us one more.”  Keisel even allowed reporters to touch the Beard during his Q&A session.

Foamation founder Ralph Bruno says he may develop a Cheesebeard.
If it’s shaved off, Keisel’s Beard may be attending the Packers victory parade in Green Bay.  “There’s always room on the Packers’ championship float for one more beard,” said Packers GM Ted Thompson.  Ralph Bruno, the founder of Foamation and creator of the iconic foam Cheesehead, said he is in negotiation with Keisel’s Beard to develop a Cheesebeard.  Fear the Beard, indeed.

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