Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Additional Reports of Anti-Packer Discrimination

In the wake of an Illinois car salesman who was fired for wearing a Packer tie to work, TriggPack has recently uncovered a rash of additional instances of Packer fans being discriminated against.  Fueled by President Obama’s blatant favoritism for the Chicago Bears, anti-Packer incidents have been on the rise and cropping up across the country.

Donna Van Stolowitz was discriminated against for her cheese bra.
Donna Van Stolowitz, originally from Rhinelander, Wisconsin but now living in Minneapolis, reported that her boss insisted she return home after she arrived at work wearing a cheese bra.  “I was just trying to show some Packer spirit,” reported Van Stolowitz.  “Jeesh, I mean… c’mon.”  Her boss, who couldn’t be reached for comment, reportedly told her to change into something “more appropriate” in an obvious display of anti-Packer sentiment.

Russ Voeltzke's G-Force tattoo.
In another reported incident, Russ Voeltzke of Fond du Lac had the Packers’ G-Force logo tattooed on his bicep in honor of Green Bay’s trip to Super Bowl XLV.  Voeltzke, who works as a bank teller, alleges his boss, who was originally from Illinois, told him, “That’s just dorky” and insisted he stop rolling the sleeves of his sports coat over his shoulders.  “I was just trying to support the Pack, ya know?” said Voeltzke in his defense.

Bob VerBruggen "Keeping it Real" in Oconomowoc.
Bob VerBruggen also relayed an incident of anti-Wisconsinism on a recent trip through the Detroit airport.  The Oconomowoc native was in line to buy some beef jerky when a group of young men commanded him to “get out of the way, REO Speedwagon!”  It wasn’t the first time VerBruggen had suffered mullet discrimination.  “One time, my boss called me ‘Michael Bolton’ in front of the entire plant,” admitted VerBruggen.  “It was hard, but there’s no way I’m getting this mane cut – it’s just who I am.”

With the Packers heading to the Super Bowl for the first time in 13 years, Wisconsinites can expect more of this kind of callous discrimination.  Hang tough, Packer Nation.  To those who may mock your accent, hairstyle, or full-body fluorescent snowmobile suit, tell them two words: “Title Town!”


  1. that tattoo shown on this article IS NOT "Russ Voeltzke's" this is my tattoo KEVIN ESCOBAR from NYC...i got this tattoo done in 2009 and i dont know why this is even on this article.

  2. my arm and my picture on this article.