Monday, January 31, 2011

Latest Packer Controversy: Nut Gate

Controversy again swirled around the Green Bay Packers locker room this week when several players rehabbing from injuries complained that they did not receive the complimentary dry roasted peanuts that the starting players were allegedly given on their flight to Dallas today.

“Nobody told me there were going to be free peanuts.  So typical – I didn’t get any damn nuts!  Talk about ‘union’ ha!” tweeted injured Packer linebacker Nick Barnett.

“We weren’t told ahead of time by the flight attendants that there were going to be free nuts,” said head coach Mike McCarthy defending the decision when asked about the incident during a press conference.  “It’s unfortunate that not all of our players could be there for the free nuts, but I needed to make a game-time decision and we decided to all eat the nuts.”

The Packers Minimeal - sent to injured players who missed out on nuts.
In trying to put the issue to rest, Packers president Mark Murphy pledged to ship free miniature bags of dry roasted peanuts to all the players so that they could enjoy them during their rehab.  “The Packers do right by our players, so we upgraded to the Minimeal boxes for all our guys on IR, which includes pretzels, spreadable cheese, and some Famous Amos cookies.  Hopefully now we can put this issue behind us”

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