Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marshawn Lynch Would Have Been Nice as a Packer

Let me start by saying that the Marshawn Lynch topic has been beaten to death by Packers fans, certainly including myself.  In fairness to Ted Thompson, it’s not as if Lynch has exactly torn it up since arriving in Seattle – prior to yesterday that is.

I was finally ready to let the beaten horse expire when Lynch busted this run to seal the victory against the Saints yesterday.  If you haven’t seen this highlight yet, it is obligatory viewing for any football fan.  As the announcer Mike Mayock says after the play, “That’s as good an effort as I’ve ever seen in my life from a running back.”  The part where he tosses Tracy Porter 5 yards like a ragdoll is particularly awesome.

There’s really no one on the Packers who can run like this, with speed, elusiveness, and, mostly, pure power.  Ryan Grant wasn't that guy even when he was healthy.  We all hope Starks will become that guy, but he isn’t yet despite the occasional glimmers.  And having that kind of back on your team is a monster benefit come playoff time.  It was enough to get a 7-9 team past the reigning Super Bowl champions.

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