Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finley Likely Done for Season

Greg Bedard from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting that Jermichael Finley is out at least 8-10 weeks, and is most likely lost for the season.  The dilemma, of course, is do you leave a roster spot open for Finley on the possibility he could come back in time to help with the last game and possibly playoffs, or do you fill the spot with someone who can help now.  As much as I'd like to enable Finley to return, there are so many holes on the team now, that I expect the Packers to put him on IR and try to sign some other warm bodies.

With Donald Lee out at least "a couple weeks" according to McCarthy with a chest sprain, I'd say we can officially go to threat level orange on my injury warning system.  The tight end is just so fundamental to how the Packers play offense, that this is going to force a big change in the play calling.  Quarless and Crabtree just can't fill that gap.  You could see how uncomfortable Rodgers was with his 3rd and 4th string TEs in the game Sunday.

Nick Barnett also is getting surgery and will most likely be placed on IR as well, though that decision hasn't been made yet either.  And Derrick Martin has already made it to the IR list.  Clay Matthews did not participate in practice due to his hamstring injury, but the hope is he can go next week.  The big question, of course, is whether Aaron Rodgers will be able to clear the NFL's battery of tests and get cleared to play.  He is a Cal guy, so, hopefully, his IQ is high enough even post injury that he can clear the brain teaser hurdles.

Right now, this is what Ted Thompson's desk looks like.

Ted Thompson's Desk
In addition to the chicken wire and duct tape, you can see some cables, some glue, a few scraps of tin foil, and some paper mache.  Maybe a stapler.  Half the team is on the injury report.  I don't know about you, but I'm not feeling particularly optimistic about how we cobble this thing together.  The Packers' goal in one article I read was to field a "competitive" team against Miami on Sunday.  Yikes.  At least it sounds like we could get Brandon Chillar and Sam Shields back this week.  I hope so -- we'll need everyone we can get.

Ted, in his usual form, seems to have no pokers in the fire at all on the trade front, despite the impending deadline less than a week away.  In response to the rash of injuries, the Packers announced the following underwhelming roster moves today:
  • Promoted linebacker Robert Francois from the practice squad to the active roster
  • Signed safety Michael Greco to the practice squad
  • Signed linebacker Mike Rivera to the practice squad
Those are about as exciting as the Dimitri Nance signing was in response to Ryan Grant's injury.  I have zero hope or expectation that Thompson will make a move to help salvage this season.  I'm normally very optimistic, but I haven't been this discouraged since the loss to Tampa Bay last year.  The Packers are in their toughest stretch of the season without several of their best players.  The next six games are Miami, Minnesota, @NY Jets, Dallas, @Minnesota, @Atlanta.  Those are all very losable games, especially with our 4th string players on the field.  This thing could get ugly quickly.

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