Monday, October 11, 2010


The allegations that Brett Favre had inappropriate interactions with then-Jets employee Jenn Sterger are blowing up just in time for his Monday Night Football appearance against, ironically, the Jets.

This thing is unraveling as fast as the Tiger Woods debacle did.  It is an amazingly predictable pattern that modern sports celebrity sex scandals seem to follow:

  1. The story is broken by TMZ, Perez Hilton, Deadspin (in this case) or similar trashy online gossip blog and is instantly propagated via Twitter, Digg and other online echo chambers.
  2. Quasi-legitimate traditional media tabloids, such as the New York Post in this case, start reporting it, citing the original blog post as cover so they don't need to corroborate the story.
  3. The mainstream media begins, with trepidation at first then with growing assertiveness, to report the story when rumors aren't emphatically or convincingly denied, evidence begins to mount, and investigations are initiated.  Here's the ESPN story:

Now people are coming out of the woodwork claiming Favre hit on them too.  It's all too familiar, and really unfortunate.  Now he's not only tarnished his professional reputation, but his personal one as well.  I'm sure the MNF crew is discussing right now how they're going to handle it during Monday's broadcast.

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