Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fourth Phase of a Sports Sex Scandal

Mercifully, the Vikings-Jets game is behind us, so we won't have to listen to Mike Tirico (who apparently has his own little sexual harassment imbroglio) try to soft-peddle the Favre news.  I'm sure both the broadcasters and Favre were thrilled to have a rain delay last night, forcing the dilemma of whether to discuss a breaking sex scandal and subsequent investigation or... the weather.  There was definitely a moose in the room all night, and I'm not talking about Ron Jaworski.

Just like ESPN, TriggPack is above seedy sex scandals like this (although, I have to admit, it's more fun to talk about than the Packers' injury report).  As we saw in the arc of Tiger's implosion, I'm sure there will be more lurid details.  More allegations.  Hopefully, no more picture texts.  But we'll leave it to the tabloids to mire into that muck.  I did realize, however, in my breakdown yesterday of how these scandals tend to play out, that there is a fourth phase I neglected to include: individuals in the blogosphere create satirical videos mocking the scandal.  Here's my favorite:

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