Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thompson Misses His Chance to Trade for Lynch

The Packers' hope for a rejuvenated running game via a trade just got more remote.  NFL.com is reporting that Marshawn Lynch has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a 4th-round pick in next year's draft!  Not only did we miss out on a player who, in my opinion, was one of the only viable trades that could have made a positive impact on our running game this year, but he apparently went for a bargain-basement price.

As I've commented on several times on this blog, the Packers desperately need a running back.  Sunday was another case study in what is missing from our entire offense by not being able to run the ball effectively.  With the October 19th trade deadline looming and our best trade option now off the table, it looks like Thompson and McCarthy are content to roll the dice with our Jackson-Kuhn two-headed threat -- "threat," that is, that we'll break 40 yards of total rushing on about 15 carries.  Very threatening.

Now with Morgan Burnett done for the season with a blown ACL, we have another position that I hope the Packers' front office is looking to free agency or a trade to add depth.  I noticed Derrick Martin come into the Lions game, and he looked OK.  Peprah is their other option.  But with Bigby still out a few weeks, they could use some depth.  The 49ers just released safety Michael Lewis.  Maybe we can pick him up.


  1. Wahoo -- Castoffs from the 0-4 49ers. Now there is a great plan for success absorbing players cut from one of the worst teams in the NFL.

    Thompson/McCarthy probably believe that Rogers can just outscore everyone we play. After being smoked by a bunch of points by a Detroit backup; I don't know how wise that strategy is for success.

    Other than draft picks who could we trade for a legitimate back? We our deep at WR, but who would you choose? Not that Thompson/McCarthy actually think we need to make a change, but humor me.

  2. Before the Chillar injury, I would have considered trading a linebacker. But trading a 4th round pick next year for Lynch was a no-brainer. Sounds like there may be a conditional pick in the 2012 draft as well that Seattle gave up. I still would have done it.

    Seahawks released Julius Jones to make room for Lynch. I could see signing him as well. He's no super star, but he could add some depth where they need it.